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My name is Christy, aka Tiny Little Chef, and I am a happy, healthy, busy working Wife and Mama. I have been a professional Chef for 16 years and I am also a Certified Weight Management Specialist. Food is my “jam,” so to speak, and I am really passionate about sharing my food knowledge with my fellow busy Foodie Mamas. In fact, I am so passionate about it, I made it my career. For the past 16 years, I have been a Professional Chef. And because so many of my clients were looking for healthy meals for themselves and their family, I decided to added Certified Weight Management Specialist to my card. To learn more about how I can help you, please CLICK HERE.

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“What I loved about the whole package was that you did not set unrealistic weight loss expectations for me. You told me what rate of weight loss was good for my body, and it worked! Christy, you are so fun to work with, and an amazing Chef to boot. The recipes were so good and the meal plan was easy to follow! Thank You so much.”

-Wendy L., Nutrition Client

Wendy L.


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