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Gluten Free Goodies

This week I have been busy testing some new, healthy recipes for this Fall and Winter. I know many people who are Gluten sensitive or intolerant, so I have come up with a few recipes for some baked goodies! Pictured here are my Gluten Free Pumpkin Loaf and Gluten Free Peppermint Brownies.

 Please fill out the Contact Form below if you would like the recipes!

GF pepp brownies GF pumpkin


Until Midnight TONIGHT, I am having a FLASH SALE on both of my cookbooks! I have lowered the prices, AND I am giving you 50% off in addition to that! Please enter coupon code flashsale at checkout. Click on the image of the cookbook on this page to order. Enjoy!

Thankful for Fitness-Fall Challenge Group!

I am so happy to be able to FINALLY announce my partnership with two other incredible Fit Mamas. Jennifer and Jessica are fellow coaches, and we have created a challenge to get your exercising and eating right before the Holidays hit! Please fill out the contact form if you are interested in joining us! Limited availability!

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Healthy Holiday Recipes

As Fall approaches and the weather starts to cool down, I am getting excited for leggings and sweaters and Hot Chocolate and Apple Cider, and…..pretty much everything we all love about the upcoming Holiday Season, the FOOD! So many wonderful Holiday traditions are based around the food, so I am determined to create healthier versions of some of everyone’s favorite staples. I have gotten close to 200 suggestions (WOAH!), so I need your help narrowing down my list. I invite you to take the poll below! For those who submitted a recipe that I select AND ends up the Healthy Holidays eCookbook, they will win a copy of ALL 3 of my Cookbooks! Please feel free to add more ideas by commenting below!

My NEW eCookbook is ready!

I am so thrilled to be able to announce that my NEW eCookbook is ready and available for download. This cookbook was inspired by the PiYo Challenge that I am currently co-hosting, with close too 300 participants! My goal for this cookbook was to create, easy, healthy, delicious recipes. It was truly a labor of passion and love, and I really hope that you will enjoy it! CLICK HERE

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How Can I Help You?

So, I have been presented with two questions many times in the past week. What should I do? Which option is right for me? These questions refer to services that I offer to my Clients. I have been offering meal plans and weekly workouts for a while now, and with great success. I have also trained quite a few people on the Pilates Reformer. Now that I have teamed up with Beachbody, there are even more options available, including Shakeology and many, many different exercise programs. I think this is leading to confusion.

My advice? Start with one thing. If nutrition is your weak point, start with that. Do Shakelology as a meal replacement, and/or subscribe to my weekly meal plans with some free recipes. Or download a copy of my Healthy Cookbook. If your eating habits are good, get moving! Do weekly workouts I send you, or if you are a visual person, choose from any of the Beachbody workouts. The point is that all these options are not meant to confuse you, they are meant to help you, as it really is an option to now tailor a program specifically to your needs.

And as always, I am here to help, so do not hesitate to ask me questions!

The Challenge Begins

Today is officially day one of our Team Inspire PiYo 60 day challenge. There are about 20 Beachbody coaches on Team Inspire, and we have over 225 people participating in our Challenge! It’s pretty amazing. IN our Challenge we have Personal Trainers, a Chef (me!) a Sports Psychologist, and many, many more. we will be posting weekly recipes, motivation, workouts and more. I am also creating a Cookbook of over 20 recipes specifically for this Challenge!

I did my first PiYo wokout this morning. I chose the “Buns” workout, and let me say, yep, my buns were on fire. Holy guacamole! This is going to be so fun, and I truly help that we can help many, many people. Come join us!!!

Eating Clean Recipes

As I embark on the PiYo challenge next Monday, I really want to master my eating. For the most part I am a healthy eater, but I do have my times where I go the opposite direction! I have been busy compiling a list of clean foods, with some modifications, and plan to make a ton of recipes from them. I already have a Healthy Recipes Cookbook, but I want to take this up a notch! I will post the list tomorrow or Friday.

PIYO Challenge. Begins 8/11

Hi friends! Team Inspire (made up of fitness professionals, personal trainers, and a sports psychologist, and a Chef (me!) is beginning a PIYO Challenge group. The cost includes; 8 workouts (25-40 min), 30 days of shakeology, a QuickStart guide, a 60 day workout Calendar, and more! For my team members, I plan to include healthy recipes, in-person workouts, and more! You will also be added to the Team Inspire PIYO challenge group FB page where everyone will gather to support and encourage each other. Deadline is this Monday, so let me know if you are interested, please email me via the Contact Form below.